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Disposable Macintosh Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blades - BusinessMed Instruments

Disposable Macintosh Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blades


Premium Quality Surgical Stainless Steel Spatula provides with unbreakable plastic base.
Suitable for everyday hospital use.

Light conductor made from material ensuring excellent light transmission 4000 lux with 2.5 volt bulb.

Perfect solution to cleaning problems confronting EMS field.
Single Patient Use only and Supplied Clinically Clean.
Latex Free.
Smooth edges, rounded tip and high quality surface finish.
Low cost price with high quality.
Individually packed and labeled
Fully conforms to ISO 7376 green system standards

Blade’s Sizes
Macintosh Size 0 REF# 30-0
Macintosh Size 1 REF# 30-01
Macintosh Size 2 REF# 30-02
Macintosh Size 3 REF# 30-03
Macintosh Size 4 REF# 30-04
Macintosh Size 5 REF# 30-05