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Ophthalmoscope 58 - BusinessMed Instruments

Ophthalmoscope 58


The professional model Ophthalmoscope is of excellent quality and gives a clear picture of the retina. It contains a complete set of lens from -20 to +40 diopters. The lens also contain a polarized filter which reduces corneal reflection. Our Ophthalmoscope uses a halogen light for true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination. You will be impressed with the functionality of this very well designed and manufactured Ophthalmoscope.

Bright Light for true tissue color and consistent illumination.

Color coded 24 lenses for excellent resolution (Green for +, Red for -) -20 to +40
Sealed unit allows dust free optics.
Rubber Eye Brow Rest prevents scratching of eyeglasses.
Illumination lens dial for clear identification of diopter setting.
Screw Lock Fitting System.
Available in Vacuum bulb (yellow light) and LED white light bulb.

Bulb Choice
LED White Bulb
Vacuum Bulb